Specially Crafted Natural Portraits By Acclaimed Photographer M J TURNER

Here on the official M J Turner Photography online shop, you can discover more about the uniquely insightful approach to image capture that has enabled this young man to redefine the way we see landscape photography. Naturally, a wealth of his imagery is available to own at the same time!

MJ Turner’s landscape photography is driven by an understanding of an area’s character, and this quality shines through in every area of his work. To some, the rugged fells of the Lake District are simply hills and rocks; in the work of MJ Turner, their forms become elegant and graceful, swathed in rich yet delicate light that draws the eye to details and speaks of adventures yet to be had. Likewise, his photography of other areas provides an insight into the immensity of the landscape, whilst at the same time capturing details that focus the eye with the precision of a painter.

Above all things, landscape photography is about capturing the mysterious energy of the natural world, and using images that are vast in scope to communicate a very personal message to the viewer. MJ Turner's portraits of the natural world are captured with a singular love and care, a true appreciation of the landscape; it is this understanding of the landscape which makes his work so unique.

MJ Turner has a gifted eye for natural and architectural beauty, and his ability to convey emotion through his camera’s lens and display it on every pixel is a rare talent. A never-ending drive for adventure and exploration has led him to seek to photograph the world from a truly unique perspective, with a focus on landscape photography.

The love of what he sees before him is emulated through the exquisite presentation of his wonderfully crafted natural portraits, that flow gently like the rivers and hills which he embraces. His landscape photography is sometimes captured in familiar places, and at other times in lesser-known locales; every image represents a photographic nature trail of escapism, and with every picture he hopes to share with you his poetic vision.

"MJ Turner is an extraordinarily gifted photographer from whose sensitive vision spring such captures of magnificence that speak of genius. So many times one of his beautiful landscapes have truly lifted my heart and soul. MJ's talent and intelligence ensure that natural beauty is crystallised by his lens."
Stephen B Whatley, Artist, London, UK

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